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How to choose refractory glass manufacturer?

Now many industries will choose fire-resistant glass when purchasing glass. In order to buy refractory glass with good quality and high price, we need to investigate and screen the refractory glass manufacturers from various aspects, and then determine the long-term partners by integrating all the conditions.

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Where does Yantai have chemical steel factory?

Chemical tempering furnace is needed for glass chemical tempering. The quality of chemical tempering furnace affects the tempering quality of glass. However, whether it is toughened glass or chemical tempering furnace, we need to obtain it from chemical tempering plant

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What do you really know about chemically toughened glass?

Glass has a wide range of applications in the construction industry, so with the continuous development of science and technology, consumers have higher and higher requirements for glass. We hope that we can use glass with high strength, light weight and high safety performance, so the chemical toughened glass follows. The emergence of chemically toughened glass is not only the product of science and technology, but also the actual use of users The result of the summary of experience.

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